Welcome! We are so pleased that you’ve found us!

At U Be The Change we provide high quality, casual apparel utilizing environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and processes. We are committed to donating 20% of the net profits from our products to a wide variety of worthwhile charitable causes that are selected by you, our customers! We choose verified causes that support both the betterment of our planet and the people who live there. We pledge to use materials that aid the environment, provide fair wages and working conditions, and utilize earth friendly processes.

At U Be The Change we help our customers become the change they wish to see in the world.

How it works:

1. Choose your product. Our t-shirts are made from a range of environmentally friendly fabrics such as, Organic Cotton, Organic Hemp, Organic Bamboo, and Organic RPET which uses a blend of Organic cotton combined with polyester made from recycled plastic bottles! Our shirts are printed using environmentally safe water based inks and natural pigments from fruits, vegetables, coffee, red wine, and more.

2. Choose your charity. At U Be The Change we donate 20% of our net profits to charitable organizations that have been verified as 3-stars or above by Charity Navigator or charities we have personally verified as honest, authentic and worthwhile. For more information regarding Charity Navigator and the criteria they use in rating charities click here. For a list of our current charities and their descriptions click here.

3. Place your order. Once you have selected your items and your charity simply go to your shopping cart and finish filling in your order information. Our shirts are shipped in packaging made from recycled materials and are biodegradable.

4. Feel good! Know that you have ordered a product that uses Eco-friendly materials, manufacturing processes, and environmentally safe printing ingredients.  At the same time you are making a positive change in the world by donating to organizations who are making a difference in the world and in people’s lives.

5. Wear your shirt! At U Be The Change we believe that everything is made of energy including  thoughts and words. Our shirts are printed with positive messages to lift the energy of both the wearer and everyone who reads them!

6. Plant your tag! Our product tags are made from recycled paper that has been imbedded with wildflower seeds .Plant your tag under 1/8″ of soil. Water thoroughly. Place in a sunny corner and keep moist during germination and grow some wildflowers. Wildflowers help the environment and help the bees!